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A bowl of yellow Guifei chicken


Clock icon Ready in
~3 hours
Whisk and bowl icon Prep
15 min
Egg timer icon Dry Brine
2 hours
Steaming pot icon Cook
30 - 40 min


2-3lb Ontario yellow chicken
1/4 cup sliced onion
5 round slices ginger, 1/4” thick
3 cloves garlic, sliced
3 tbsp salt
102 fl. Oz chicken or pork stock
1 cup chopped carrots
15 pieces small dried scallop, rinsed
2 Chinese sausage, halved crosswise
1/4 cup water chestnuts
3 tbsp small dried shrimp, rinsed
3 pieces Chinese dried orange peel, rinsed
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil

Ginger Paste

2 tbsp finely minced ginger
2 tbsp finely minced green onion
1 tsp salt


Serves 4 – 6

Clean the chicken thoroughly in cold water and pat dry. Stuff cavity with onion, ginger and garlic. Rub skin with salt and refrigerate uncovered for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, in a 4 quart pot, combine stock, carrot, scallop, sausage, water chestnuts, shrimp and orange peel. Bring to a boil and reduce to simmer.

In a large pot of boiling water, quickly blanch chicken by dipping into the boiling water 3 times. Add chicken to simmering soup base and discard blanching water. Simmer chicken for 30-40 minutes until tender. Remove chicken to a plate; in a small bowl whisk together soy sauce and oil, brush onto chicken and let rest for 5 minutes before chopping.

Chop chicken with a cleaver into 8-10 pieces. Serve with ginger paste and soup if desired.

For ginger paste, stir together ginger, green onion and salt.

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